Thursday 9 June 2016

It's summer vacations time and everybody is traveling and worried about how to take a healthy diet and not put on that extra holiday weight
Well, here are some tips for you
·         Drink lots of water- Drink water from time to time, carry a water bottle always with you; have a glass of water after waking up and before meals. It will help you to boost your metabolism.

·         Go for raw fruits and vegetables- Munch on fruits and vegetables instead of fried snacks, enjoy local fruits, order salads and soups in restaurants instead of heavy meals in dinner.

·         Stick with an eating schedule- Eat every 2-3 hours, carry fruits, dry fruits or some healthy snacks with you, so you won’t have hunger pangs and you will not eat unhealthy snacks.

·         Don’t forget to exercise- Continue your routine exercise for 30 minutes daily. Wake up early and try to do it before leaving for your day. If u cannot do then go for  walking or  indulge in some other form of physical activity like swimming, bicycle riding, trekking, playing outdoor games etc.

·         Pack your food: - Plan ahead for your vacation, look up for restaurants which can provide healthy options and local markets. Pack your meals accordingly like  you can pack oatmeal for breakfast, cereal bars for lunch, dry fruits for munching, in this way if you are eating a heavy meal outside then u can manage your other meals.

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